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What Does Keyed Alike Mean?

What is Keyed Alike?

Sometimes people will buy a large quantity of padlocks whether that be for a business, school or other large scale applications. In order to eliminate the inconvenience of having one or two keys for each lock customers will instead request the purchased padlocks to all work with a smaller set of keys. This is what is known as ‘keyed alike’ or sometimes ‘suited’.

Simply put ‘keying alike’ allows the owner to open multiple padlocks with one key.

ABUS Keyed Alike Diagram

What are the benefits?

The most obvious benefit is that of convenience having a smaller set of keys for a large number of locks saves the hassle of finding the right key for the right lock and carrying a lot of keys. You could also have multiple locks on one door and have the same problem resolved with keyed alike padlocks.

However the benefits and practicality are not just tailored for commercial use. There are personal benefits too, for example you save money on spare keys. With all padlocks keyed alike you would need fewer spare keys instead of having a spare key for every padlock you purchase.

In summary keyed alike padlocks are a great option for convenience and time saving and its applications can be useful in both commercial and personal environments.

Keyed alike options are available for the majority of our range and can quickly be accessed on product pages.