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ABUS 20/80 80mm Diskus Plus Padlock

Part No: ABU2080
ABUS Padlock Keyed Alike / Keyed Different Option

Abus Key to differ. This means if you order 10 locks each lock will come with two keys and the keys for each lock will be different to the others

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ABUS Padlock Security Rating
ABUS Plus Mechanisim Bolt Cutter Resistant ABUS Double Bolted ABUS Drill resistant ABUS Keyed Alike Versions Available ABUS Key Retaining ABUS Made in Germany ABUS Master Key Versions Available ABUS Saw resistant

ABUS 20/80 80mm Diskus Plus Padlock

Product Features

The ABUS Diskus 20 padlocks are the Original Diskus padlocks. They have the 6 disk ABUS Plus disk cylinder mechanism which resists drill, pull & manipulation attacks, a through hardened steel alloy shackle to resist saw attacks and 'Deep Weld Technology' which offers maximum case strength. These features offer the highest level of protection by restricting the usual method of manipulation.

The fitted dust cap helps prevent cylinder damage and there are 30,000 manufactured key differs, each lock supplied with key code card.

Key operated, key retaining (a key is needed for locking. Lock retains key until locked).

Where to use it:

To secure e.g. warehouses, industrial sites, factory gates, containers and lorries
High security requirement in severe weather conditions.

The anti-cut plate provides 360 degree protection from sawing while a top quality welded seam secures against impact attack.


Product Features Overview

  • 2 keys included
  • Original Diskus® design: 360° protection
  • Sophisticated Diskus® welded seam for highest break resistance
  • Stainless steel - outside and inside
  • Key retaining: key is needed for locking (lock retains key until locked)
  • Made in Germany
  • Shackle made from hardened steel with corrosion resistant coating
  • Additional protection against sawing
  • ABUS-Plus disc cylinder: highest protection against manipulation, 250.000 key differs, drilling and pulling protected
  • To secure valuables/goods of great value or at a very high risk of theft
  • To secure e.g. warehouses, industrial sites, factory gates, containers and lorries
  • Ideally used with ABUS Diskus® Hasp 140, virtually impossible to attack shackle




Part Code: ABU2080

A Overall Width: 81 mm
C Shackle Dia: 11 mm
D Horizontal Shackle Clearance: 25 mm
E Vertical Shackle Clearance: 18 mm
F Overall Height: 81 mm
G Overall Body Thickness: 35
abus  dimension diagram