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Titalium Keyed Alike Padlocks

Abus Keyed Alike padlocks are available for most of their range. Every padlock you order comes complete with two keys, if you order Abus Keyed alike padlocks this will mean that every key you receive will open all of the Keyed alike padlocks you order (One Key Fits All). All Abus padlocks have designated key numbers and when you order from us we keep a record of your key numbers to make it easier for you to order more to the same key suite.

Should you already have an existing suite or just want a replacement key these can also be ordered from us for most Abus padlocks. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Abus Securing Security for the future.

The Abus padlocks from the TITALIUM range The Abus TITALIUM padlocks, represent a new dimension in padlock security. They are made from an innovative material and represent high security at a significantly reduced weight.

The Abus TITALIUM material is a special aluminium alloy that uniquely combines high levels of torsion with the significantly reduced weight. Like with the aviation industry, with TITALIUM Abus is concentrating on the two fundamental qualities, maximum strength and minimum weight. The material implementation reflects the design of the products: TITALIUM series padlocks feature a contemporary stainless steel like finish.

TITALIUM The New Generation of Padlocks The new TITALIUM range a new reference for padlocks. They boast approximately 30% reduction in weight which compared to traditional brass padlocks with at least the same standard of security, the TITALIUM lock series becomes a very attractive alternative.

Many applications where reliable security is required but also weight is significant factor include: when travelling, mobile situations or for securing goods in transit. TITALIUM series padlocks represent a new generation of secure, innovative padlocks from Abus.

The Abus TITALIUM series of padlocks stands out, with three product series offering various sizes for an individual requirement. From the flagship 80TI series, the main 64TI range and the entry level 54TI series, Abus offers a versatile comprehensive range of security solutions for both the private individual and commercial applications alike.

The TITALIUM family is rounded off nicely with the Abus 90RK/50 close shackle padlock.

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