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Granit Keyed Alike Padlocks

Abus Keyed Alike padlocks are available for most of their range. Every padlock you order comes complete with two keys, if you order Abus Keyed alike padlocks this will mean that every key you receive will open all of the Keyed alike padlocks you order (One Key Fits All). All Abus padlocks have designated key numbers and when you order from us we keep a record of your key numbers to make it easier for you to order more to the same key suite.

Should you already have an existing suite or just want a replacement key these can also be ordered from us for most Abus padlocks. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thieves find Abus Granit Padlocks a hard nut to crack

The Abus Granit padlock range has been designed in accordance with Swedish insurance specifications, which are specially known for their extremely high standards. The European CEN standards specify similar requirements. Abus is a leader in security throughout the world and the Abus Granit padlocks meet these very demanding standards and are therefore considered to be among the most secure High Security padlocks in the world. Their pinch or tensile resistance is over 6 tonnes. The high quality materials and the careful finishing are the basis for the quality of these padlocks. The Innovative keys with luminous light and the black Granit coating for maximum corrosion protection is the main characteristic of this product range. The Abus Plus lock system is one of the special features of the Granit range, this is a high security locking system which in turn provides the greatest resistance to intelligent attempts at opening, such as picking the padlock and any other manipulation. The vast amount of time required to open locks in this way makes the Abus Plus locking system one of the most secure in the world.

The Abus Granit range in conjunction with the Abus security chains can be combined to protect valuable motorbikes or expensive building equipment.

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