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Diskus Keyed Alike Padlocks

Abus Keyed Alike padlocks are available for most of their range. Every padlock you order comes complete with two keys, if you order Abus Keyed alike padlocks this will mean that every key you receive will open all of the Keyed alike padlocks you order (One Key Fits All). All Abus padlocks have designated key numbers and when you order from us we keep a record of your key numbers to make it easier for you to order more to the same key suite.

Should you already have an existing suite or just want a replacement key these can also be ordered from us for most Abus padlocks. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Abus Diskus Padlocks are suitable for a wide range of internal and external applications.

The disc padlock is a special form of padlock with distinct advantages over conventional padlocks. The disc shape itself effectively eliminates the most common approaches of forcing a padlock open. The effective design means that there is only a very small opening in the shackle, which in turn makes this padlock very difficult to tamper with. As the Abus Diskus Padlock is made mainly of stainless steel, it is used especially where security and protection against corrosion is required. 360 degree all round protection The Diskus padlock family is available in various models with diameters between 50mm & 80 mm.

The original Diskus Padlock is only available from Abus.

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