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Abus Spare Replacement Keys

It is always important to keep a spare key safe. When purchasing a new lock of any description a note should be made of the key number. This is normally supplied either on the packaging, on the key itself or alternatively on the code card supplied when it was originally purchased.

The key number will never be stamped on the lock itself as this would constitute a security breach. We can cut most Abus key numbers for all Abus padlocks normally within a couple of days. All Abus padlocks purchased from us come complete with two keys, we would recommend that additional keys are purchased when buying a new lock.

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Abus Padlock 20/70 Abus Padlock 23/60 Abus Padlock 24IB60 Abus Padlock 26/70
Abus Padlock 27/50 Abus Padlock 34/55 Abus Padlock 36/55 Abus Padlock 37/55
Abus Padlock 37/70 Abus Padlock 41/30 Abus Padlock 55/25 Abus Padlock 65/20
Abus Padlock 70IB45 Abus Padlock 82/63 Abus Padlock 83/45 Abus Padlock T84MB40
Abus Padlock 85/30 Abus Padlock 88/40 Abus Padlock Steel Padlock Abus Padlock 92/65

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