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Abus Padlocks

Padlocks for all applications These days requirements of a padlock vary massively depending on the application and the environment in which they are in. Abus padlocks such as the Abus Granit range can even be used for applications where they are exposed to extreme forces. The level of service Abus provides for many of its padlock types is seemingly unmatched in the market this coupled with long life expectancy makes Abus Padlocks the brand to have. Abus Keyed-alike padlocks (All keys will open all the locks in the same suite) can be re-ordered by providing the key number even after many years from the original purchase.


Whatever your padlock requirements – ABUS will have the right security level solution for you! Discover the variety of the Abus product range in the market of padlocks. From the solid Abus Granit padlocks for the highest security requirements and the 360° classic Abus Diskus padlock, through to the Abus brass and aluminium models, to special solutions such as the Abus KeyGarage key safe.

Shackle dia

Padlocks by shackle diameter

Search for ABUS padlocks by shackle diameter, available from 3.5mm to 14mm.

ABUS 165/40 40mm Solid Brass Body Combination Padlock (4 Digit)

Abus Combination Padlocks

From small locker padlocks for schools, colleges & universities to more industrial weather-proof locks for building sites & other harsher environments.

ABUS 37/55mm Granit Plus Padlock Keyed Alike

Abus High Security Padlocks

Abus Granit padlocks meet these very demanding standards and are therefore considered to be among the most secure High Security padlocks in the world.

ABUS 83WPIB / 53 Submariner Brass Body Stainless Steel Shackle Padlock Keyed Alike- KA 2745

ABUS Waterproof Collection

The Marine collection from ABUS offers Tough, Durable Harsh Environment padlocks & Hasps.

ABUS 80TI/40HB40 Titalium Padlock 40mm x 40mm Long Shackle Keyed Alike

Abus Long Shackle Padlocks

A range of long shackle padlocks which enable them to be used where a standard shackle type would be too restrictive.

ABUS 90RK/50 Titalium Padlock Close Stainless Steel Shackle Keyed Alike

Abus Closed Shackle Padlocks

This is one of the most secure types of padlocks on the market today, it helps prevent bolt cropper and saw attacks.

ABUS 24RK/70

Abus Diskus Padlocks

The disc padlock is a special form of padlock with distinct advantages over conventional padlocks.

ABUS 83WP / 63 Extreme Weatherproof Padlock Open Shackle

Abus Restricted Padlocks

This specific type of lock offers maximum security.

ABUS 80TI/50 Titalium Padlock 50mm Keyed Alike

Abus Titalium Padlocks

TITALIUM is a special aluminium alloy that uniquely combines high levels of torsion with the significantly reduced weight.

ABUS 72/40 Green Padlock Keyed Alike

Abus Coloured Padlocks

Coloured padlocks are used in applications where easy identification is required or should you just like the colour.

ABUS 6KS/110 Security Chain Length 110cm Link Diameter 6mm

Abus Security Chains

Abus have a range of high level security chains and multi purpose padlocks for all applications.

ABUS 37/60HB70 Granit 37 Yellow Brake Disk Lock

Abus Bike Locks

Abus have an extensive range of bike locks to suit most applications, from securing a push bike or a more expensive motor bike.

ABUS 797 Key Garage - Shackle Mounted

Abus Key Garage

With this KeyGarage Abus offers an intelligent and secure solution for storing keys and credit cards.

ABUS 74/40 Green

Abus Aluminium LOTO Padlocks

Used to ensure that dangerous machines are properly shut off & not started until maintenance has finished.

my lock black

Abus Safety Lockout / Tagout

Safety equipment designed to keep everybody from using equipment during maintenance or service work.

82/70 70mm Monoblock Brass Shutter Padlock

ABUS Shutter

Designed for securing commercial applications so you get the most effective protection available.

ABUS Plus Cut Key

Abus Spare Replacement Keys

When purchasing a new lock of any description a note should be made of the key number.

ABUS 83WPCS/ 53 Extreme Weatherproof Hardened Padlock Close Shackle

Abus Extreme

Rugged outdoor weather
protection with shackle seals & cylinder cover.

ABUS 83WPIB / 53 Submariner Brass Body Stainless Steel Shackle Padlock

Abus Submariner Padlocks

Withstands any weather, shackle seals and cylinder cover offer total water protection.

ABUS 37/60mm Granit Plus Close Shackle Padlock

Abus Granit Padlocks

The vast amount of time required to open locks in this way makes the Abus Plus locking system one of the most secure in the world.