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Padlock Accessories

You should always ensure that the security rating of the hasp always matches the padlock which you are going to attach to it. When purchasing a security hasp, you should give careful consideration to having concealed screws, for example. Toughened steel loops also known as the "staple" that take the shackle of the padlock are concealed inside the hasp and thus providing optimal protection against attempts to break or cut the lock off.
ABUS 200/115 Hasp & Staple

Abus Hasp & Staples

A full range of hasps and staples for low, medium and high security applications.

ABUS 950/100 Steel-O-Flex Cable Lock 25mm x 100cm

Abus Cables & Chains

Opting for the cheapest chain or cable is not always the correct solution, dependant on what you are trying to secure.

ABUS WBA 100 Granit Wall Anchor

ABUS Wall Anchors

Abus Wall Anchors are a great secure way of ensuring valuable items such as motor bikes or push bikes are locked and immobilised.

ABUS 787 Key Garage - Wall Mounted

Abus Key Garages

Abus KeyGarage is for the safe secure storage of keys and bank cards.

BKW Chain Attachment Set for 40 to 60mm padlocks

ABUS Chain Restricting Collars

This attachment is designed to keep your padlock in one place, while it is not in use it can hang there until you need it again.

ABUS 300/100 100mm Locking Bolt

ABUS Locking

Locking bolts, designed to help prevent theft from garages, cupboards, lockers, sheds and gardens.

ABUS 701 Lock Off Hasp 25mm Red

ABUS Lock Off Hasps

Where more than one person is working, it can be secured until each worker has removed his lock.

ABUS Integral Van Lock White 141/200 + 26/70 with 70mm Series 26 Diskus Padlock

ABUS Van Locks

Extra security to prevent attackers from opening your van door by force.

ABUS 37/60HB70 Granit 37 Yellow Brake Disk Lock

ABUS Bike Locks

Abus have an extensive range of bike locks to suit most applications, from securing a push bike or a more expensive motor bike.

ABUS Plus Cut Key

Abus Spare keys

When purchasing a new lock of any description a note should be made of the key number.

ABUS Purple Padlock Bumper for Eterna Professional 41/40

ABUS Bumpers for Eterna Professional Padlock

Bumpers for eterna professional padlocks.