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IR wireless outdoor camera, 2.4 GHz

Part No: TVAC16010B

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Normal Price: £117.75 Ex.VAT

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IR wireless outdoor camera, 2.4 GHz

Compact IP66 outdoor camera with infrared night vision function

Integrated 2.4 GHz digital transmitter for encrypted wireless transmission of video data

IR digital wireless outdoor camera for integration in the TVAC16000 wireless monitor

This camera can only be used as an extension for the TVAC16000 wireless home video set

Up to four wireless cameras can be used with each monitor

This IR 2.4 GHz wireless outdoor camera with PIR is an optional accessory for the 7" TFT wireless monitor.

You have the option to operate up to four cameras of this type with the monitor.

The 2.4 GHz IR wireless outdoor camera has integrated IR LEDs for 24/7 use both day and night.

With the camera, you transmit the video signals wirelessly to the wireless monitor. Wireless signal transmission is an advantage anywhere cables are impossible or difficult to lay.

The conversion into digitally encrypted signals allows malfunctions, interference, and any potential viewing of images by third parties to be reliably prevented.