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ABUS Flash Deals

ABUS Flash Deals

Huge savings available
on our ABUS Flash Deals.
Limited Stock! Offering
excellent value for money.

Abus Combination Padlocks

Combination Padlocks

Abus Combination High Security Padlocks. From small Travel Luggage Padlocks to the higher security Combination Locks

ABUS U-Lock uGrip Plus 501

Bike Locks

Abus have an extensive range of bike locks to suit most applications, should you be securing a push bike or a more expensive motor bike.

Abus Brass Padlocks

Brass Padlocks

Abus Solid brass padlocks, probably the most popular type of padlock in the range. Available in both Key To Differ and Keyed Alike

Abus Keyed Alike Padlocks

Keyed Alike Padlocks

Most of the Abus range of padlocks are available Keyed Alike. This means multiple locks using the same key.

Abus Diskus Padlocks

Diskus Padlocks

The Abus Discus padlocks
offer a high level of
security and reliability
at low prices!

Abus Laminated Padlocks

Laminated Padlocks

One of the most popular.
Offering a good level of
security and reliability in varying weather conditions.

Abus High Security Padlocks

High Security Padlocks

Abus high security locks including the Granit range offer the highest level of security available.

Abus Weatherproof Padlocks

Weather Proof Padlocks

Abus weather proof padlocks suitable for various applications where the elements take their toll. Stainless Steel shackles to help prevent corrosion.

Abus Solid Steel Padlocks

Solid Steel Padlocks

Abus Strong steel padlocks
are made from toughened
steel for high security requirements. Offering excellent value for money.

Abus Coloured Padlocks

Coloured Padlocks

Abus coloured padlocks for use in applications where easy identification is required or should you just like the colour.